We Began:

Coping with Covid

Nobody could have predicted the disruption of a global pandemic.

Like the rest of the world, we had to process new information, deal with our fears and frustrations, and find a way forward. Ministries adapted and pivoted—many of us used Zoom for the first time. As our church banded together in the face of the unknown, we transitioned to “church at home” exclusively for 10 weeks. We were able to provide comfort and direction for those seeking guidance and stability in the midst of an uncertain world. This season also provided unique opportunities for us to serve our community in new ways by supporting medical staff and creating virtual connections for those who were isolated.

Grace @ Home

While we certainly missed gathering in person, we were thankful for the technology that allowed us to be together virtually for 10 weeks—worshiping, sitting under the teaching of God’s Word, and connecting in community. Ministries like Grace Church Kids created family-friendly lessons that parents could implement at home, and all of us got more familiar with Zoom.

Living Room Worship

Most of us spent more time than usual in our living rooms this year, and our mid-week living room worship sessions were a great way to stay connected during the “stay at home” period. Through this ministry of our worship leaders, we were able to use our voices to praise God and affirm our beliefs through song.
“As soon as our community group found out I lost my job, they gathered a large sum of money and stopped by to give it to us. It was mind-blowing, and we were speechless. The way they gave in that courageous way led us to find ways to bless other people who are hurting.”
– Markis and Bethany (Downtown members)

Organizations Served During COVID

We have the privilege of supporting many great organizations in the Upstate. The pandemic revealed several new ways that our campuses, groups, members, and individual families could support those on the front lines and beyond.
“The blessings from Grace Church Travelers Rest have been consistent these past nine months—meals, snacks, gift bags, chalk art, posters, and prayers. These gifts of support lift our spirits when it’s most needed. North Greenville Hospital would not be able to continue without the support we have from Grace Church. ”
– Rebecca (Prisma North Greenville Medical Campus)
Two diverse populations that suffered greatly during the pandemic were the elderly and incarcerated, essentially cut off from all family and friends. Because of existing Grace Church ministries, we were able to quickly pivot and expand into areas where these groups needed the most care.

JUMPSTART Letter Writing Program


“This has been an amazing experience for me, and I believe it has been for my JUMPSTART pen pal also. She also told me how she loved my letters and the encouragement that my words gave to her and how each time she gets a letter from me, she wants to read her Bible more. She also asked for prayer for her sister and her husband. It has been a true honor and privilege to have the opportunity to pray for her each day. ”

– Eyleen (Pelham member)

Education Pods

School has been difficult for all of us this year—one way we supported families with single parents or essential workers was by facilitating an education pod at our Pelham campus paid for with COVID-19 relief funds.

“Three boys that are like family to me have been inside a small apartment with minimal supervision, without structure, and without in-person instruction since March. The attention and care the boys receive at the pod is like an oasis flooding some of the thirsty desert left by the absence of public school in their lives. What an absolute blessing you have provided!”
– Reba (Travelers Rest member)

Easter: Words from the Cross

Remembering Good Friday and celebrating Easter presented unique challenges this spring. Because our physical abilities were limited, we created a resource called Words from the Cross that was designed to draw us into worship and prayer. Using an engaging, interactive format with print and online resources, our Grace family experienced the sorrow and joy of Good Friday in a new way.